OpenStudio 1.0.0 Release

OpenStudio 1.0.0 is now available for download from the OpenStudio website. This OpenStudio release adds life cycle cost objects to OpenStudio models and to energy conservation measures used in the Parametric Analysis Tool (PAT). In addition to being able to evaluate design alternatives based on energy use, users can now look at total life cycle costs, first year capital costs, annual utility savings, and simple payback. A new HVAC control view lets users set the operation time, night cycle operation, supply air temperature, economizer, and demand controlled ventilation for air loops. A major new category of HVAC equipment has been added with the introduction of an air to air heat recovery model, which can be used to model a variety of sensible and latent heat recovery devices.

OpenStudio 1.0.0 supports EnergyPlus 7.2.

Videos demonstrating new features will be uploaded soon to our website and YouTube channel.