OpenStudio 1.3.0 Release

OpenStudio 1.3.0 is now available for download from the OpenStudio website. Development for OpenStudio 1.3.0 has two main focuses:

  • Development continuation of the refrigeration interface and addition of new refrigeration model objects. This resulted in a new detailed component grid-view of refrigeration systems. The development was carried out with requirements gathering and guidance from practitioners. The new refrigeration objects include contributions from Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 
  • Enhancements of model objects and methods in support of a collection of Energy Conservation Measures. ECMs were developed to model the recommendations from both the ASHRAE 50% Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 Schools, and the ASHRAE 50% Advanced Energy Design Guide for Small to Medium Offices. The ECMs are posted to the Building Component Library (BCL) in conjunction with this OpenStudio release. In addition, ECM supporting material is included with the OpenStudio installer. This includes:
    • A new multi-space type office template.
    • New objects to map constructions and space types to their intended uses.
    • New fenestration methods to describe view and daylight fenestration and skylights.

OpenStudio 1.3.0 supports EnergyPlus 8.0 along with a number of new HVAC components.

Videos demonstrating new features will be uploaded soon to our website and YouTube channel.