OpenStudio 0.7.0 Released

OpenStudio 0.7.0 is now available for download from the OpenStudio website. The OpenStudio version 0.7.0 release focuses on extensions to the SDK to enable a comprehensive, workflow-centric application that complements the SketchUp Plug-in. The new OpenStudio Application integrates SystemOutliner’s functionality from release 0.6.0 and expands on its "drag and drop" paradigm for model resources.  This capability will be integrated with the Building Component Library in the next major release (0.8.0) of OpenStudio.  

Other noteworthy features of the new application include:

  • visual editing of schedules
  • extensibility via the integration of user scripts into multiple points in the workflow
  • a simulation results summary
  • and support for IP units  

Download the 0.7.0 Release or read the release notes.