OpenStudio 1.12.0 Release

OpenStudio 1.12.0 is now available for download from the OpenStudio website.

Starting with 1.11.1, OpenStudio has included a new Ruby library called openstudio-standards. This library allows users to create the DOE Prototype Building and DOE Reference Building models in OpenStudio format. These models represent 16 different building types across all of the US climate zones for 6 vintages: pre-1980, 1980-2004, 90.1-2004, 90.1-2007, 90.1-2010, and 90.1-2013. These models can be used for tasks like portfolio-scale studies and energy code change impact analysis. These models also provide examples of how to model a wide variety of 90.1 energy code requirements in OpenStudio.

Model coverage has been expanded in OpenStudio 1.12.0, with the addition of 3 new OpenStudio model classes (SiteGroundTemperatureDeep, SiteGroundTemperatureShallow, and SiteGroundTemperatureFCfactorMethod), and the extension of the existing class ChillerElectricEIR with the addition of heat recovery.

Please see the for a complete list of new features and improvements. Videos demonstrating new features will be uploaded soon to our website and YouTube channel.