OpenStudio 1.13.0 Release

OpenStudio 1.13.0 is now available for download from the OpenStudio website.

Generating code baseline models (aka Appendix G, LEED, Performance Rating Method) is a big part of an energy modeler's job because many things (LEED certification, utility incentives, etc.) are based on the difference between the proposed and baseline model. Historically, this process has been performed largely by hand, leaving room for errors in manual data entry or interpretation of the modeling requirements. These errors cause delays and cost money because, when identified, they must be corrected by the modeler. In an effort to reduce the time modelers spend on this process (and free them up for more design work), the OpenStudio team has automated this baseline model generation process via a Measure, which will be available on BCL. This Measure modifies the envelope, loads, HVAC efficiencies, controls, etc. in the proposed model to transform it into the baseline. While it may not cover all situations (specific limitations are listed when the Measure is run), it is expected to work for a large majority of projects. Because the result is an OpenStudio model, anything not covered by the Measure can be modified by hand. This Measure was funded by Xcel Energy’s Energy Design Assistance Program, and was based on previous work to create the DOE Prototype Buildings.

OpenStudio is now a Level 2 certified gbXML authoring tool, A variety of enhancements and bug fixes were made to support the certification effort, see the full changelog for details.

The OS:Meter object has been renamed to OS:Output:Meter, the Meter class name remains supported in Ruby bindings but users are encouraged to move to the new name OutputMeter.

The following OpenStudio Model objects were added
- OS:Generator:MicroTurbine
- OS:Generator:MicroTurbine:HeatRecovery
- OS:ElectricLoadCenter:Storage:Simple
- OS:ElectricLoadCenter:Storage:Converter
- OS:Meter:Custom
- OS:Meter:CustomDecrement

GridView speed was further enhanced with the use of ConcreteModelObjects

Please see the for a complete list of new features and improvements. Videos demonstrating new features will be uploaded soon to our website and YouTube channel.