OpenStudio 2.1.0 Release

OpenStudio 2.1.0 has been released. This release provides a new version of the OpenStudio Parametric Analysis Tool (PAT) which has been rewritten from the ground up as an example of JavaScript application development with OpenStudio. It has been packaged as an Electron desktop application and leverages OpenStudio Server for improved robustness, scalability, and capability. This new version of PAT supports “algorithmic” workflows – methods for automatically generating large sets of analysis data points. Choose from Design Of Experiments, Latin Hypercube Sampling, multiple optimization methods, and more to identify the most sensitive parameters in a model, calibrate a model against real consumption data, or optimize a model to balance multiple design objectives. Algorithmic analyses tend to be computationally intensive, so the new PAT supports simulation on Amazon Web Service or other resources provisioned with OpenStudio Server. Complete release notes are available here.