Ralph Muehleisen

Development of reduced order CEN/ISO monthly energy model.

OpenStudio is moving to GitHub

The OpenStudio source code repository is moving from SVN to GitHub. We are currently in the process of making this change. The SVN repository is still available as read-only. If you would like access to the GitHub source code please setup an account at https://github.com/ and email OpenStudio@NREL.gov with your GitHub username, and the email used to register.

Thanks for your patience through this process.

The OpenStudio Team.

Jason DeGraw

Development of OpenStudio to CONTAM translator.


Development of a C# IFC to OpenStudio translator and utility program IFCtoEnergyPlus.


Development of gbXML to OpenStudio translator and utility program gbXMLToIdf.


Specializing in integration of Radiance functionality to OpenStudio to allow high quality daylighting and electric lighting simulation, in support of rigorous whole building energy simulation.


Responsible for OpenStudio web integration and cloud computing.


Interaction, information, and workflow design for OpenStudio software and web applications.


OpenStudio Project/Process Manager and Scrum Master.


General development throughout the entire OpenStudio project.  Specializes in HVAC portions of Openstudio including the OpenStudio SystemOutliner.